–This African Jukebox is a collection of published and unpublished words, sounds & images.  A scrapbook in cyberspace about writing and Africa —

Marlies Pilon is a freelance multimedia journalist, currently living in Kampala, Uganda. With a background in Anthropology and Media, she is constantly on the lookout for the extraordinary in the ordinary, highlighting inspiring projects, people and places. After visiting all East-African countries and living in Uganda for one year, Marlies knows how to put what happens in a broader context. She is a member of the Foreign Journalist Association Uganda and writes articles in both Dutch and English.

She writes about topics ranging from Press freedom in Uganda to Slum Tourism,  and from African Poetry to Social unrest.

Among her employers
are IRIN News from the UN and Dutch national newspapers Trouw and De Pers. She contributes on a regular basis to the Africa Desk of Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and has a twice monthly blog on www.oneworld.nl. Marlies is Africa-correspondent for the monthly magazine Krant van de Aarde and has worked for other different news outlets like AfricaNews and Makeshift Magazine (for a closer look, see her portfolio).

Wether you are editor-in-chief in desperate need of a certain interview or article, An NGO that is searching for a contribution in your monthly magazine or a billionaire who wants to invest in investigative journalism, I am always open for discussing new opportunities and ideas. Employers praise me for my creative approach, thorough research, ability to meet deadlines and clear writing style. Please feel free to contact me.

Stay tuned for more! Marlies

My travel-frenzy in a nutshell; I have visited 26% of the world (TraTravBuddy.com)


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