HIV/AIDS in Uganda: Abstinence, condoms and side dishes

Driving through Kampala, you will see billboards everywhere urging people to ‘get off the sexual network!’ This slogan has become quite the catchphrase in Kampala’s streets.

Funny as that may be, the reality of HIV/AIDS in Uganda is shocking. For a very long time the country was the African role model in the fight against the deadly virus. But recently released figures show that Uganda is now the only country in East-Africa where the HIV-prevalence figures are on the rise.

For the Africa Desk from Radio Netherlands Worldwide, I ventured into the world of sexual networks, AIDS, abstinence and side dishes (a side dish is the Ugandan phrase for a lover on the side, also known as ‘spare part’:))

Here is a cute song that serves to remind Ugandans not to take a ‘side dish’. Enjoy

Side Dish Song


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