Back on track #2

It has been a while since I posted something here. One reason for that was my one month vacation to Amsterdam (which was amazing). The other is that Internet is so slow in Uganda nowadays that simply trying to open this website can easily take up to 20 minutes. Finally, my new website will soon launch, making it less tempting to write stuff here at my ‘old’ place. Nevertheless, time for an update!

In february, I went to Tanzania and Zanzibar to write about a music festival and heroine-addiction. For IRIN news I wrote about the dangers of the so called ‘ flash blood’, the act of injecting a needle full of blood from another addict that just injected himself with heroin.

For the Africa Desk I wrote about the festival and made radio-items about Swahili music and heroin-addiction on the island.

Back in Uganda I wrote about the freedom of press that is increasingly under attack, useful projects that deal with plastic waste, a story about the opposition leader and off course I had to write about Joseph Kony and the movie made by Invisible Children. For oneworld I blogged about the nodding disease and I’m currently doing a story on the increase in HIV/AIDS and the possible ban on bodaboda’s from Kampala’s city centre.

Links etc coming soon! Stay tuned for more

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