Dutch bakery opens shop in Uganda

Like every true Dutchy, I am a sucker for fresh brown bread. So whenever I can, I take the boda-boda to Kampala’s chaotic city heart, and buy one of the delicious and fresh brown breads available at the newly opened Dutch bakery-cafe BBROOD.

BBROOD colleagues Rosette and Ann in Kampala Picture Marlies Pilon

For the Africa Desk, I wrote an article and made a photoslide about the Dutch bakery in Uganda’s capital Kampala. Do the Ugandans favour the Dutch bread flavour? What is Dutch about the store, according to Ugandans? En what exactly is ‘ebbanja’?

Read the article about Dutch bread in Uganda on RNW’s Africa Desk

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  1. Ha good for you! Heard about this issue before, I’m the only Dutch who doesn’t like brown bread…

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