Ugandans think aid feeds corruption

The Dutch aid cuts are big news in Uganda (see picture). While talking with ordinary Ugandans over the cuts for an article on RNW’s Africa Desk, it struck me how easy and practical they can discuss the aid debate. In Europe, the debate is loaded with ambigious feelings caused by an uncomfortable history in thinking about ‘Africa’, and a hidden sense of superiority.

Besides that, I also realised how often we don’t hear African voices in the debate about aid. They know, much better then Western academics, what works and what does’nt, and understand the local structures that help or frustrate aid effectiveness. Surprisingly (to me), 73% of Ugandans think aid cuts to their government are a good idea!

Wanna know more?
Here is what (some) Ugandans have to say about aid and corruption

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Een reactie op Ugandans think aid feeds corruption

  1. wouterdijkstra zegt:

    i would like to learn more about aid and corruption and the way `africans’ see these things. too often the debate is centered about what people in the ‘ west’ think. interesting angle this article!

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