The HUB, or how to avoid the freelance blues

Picture: Flickr CC

The life of a freelance foreign journalist is full of hidden hazards
There is no mentor, no structure, and working alone so much makes the computer your new best friend. The anticipated romance of wild trips to new places and ‘going undercover’ in exotic cities are reduced in reality to press meetings and some interviews on location. Because the budget is generally small, you can’t spent to much time in ‘the field’, so you run back home and be one with the screen again. Because of all this isolated time, the average freelancer is socially funny, to say the least.

The HUB Kampala
I too was suffering from some of the above mentioned symptons. They have reduced considerably since I have a workspace at The HUB Kampala. This ‘collaboration-space for creative, like-minded enterprising people’, offers flexible workspaces for artists, entrepeneurs, journalists and designers, among others. The Dutch Jantien Zuurbier got the idea of creating the place, and runs The HUB with that typical Dutch no-nonsense attitude. Different nationalities occupy the fresh and colourful building, strong coffee is never far away and the lunchroom is in the backyard.

The HUB Kampala Picture Jantien Zuurbier CC

So, my remedy to beat the typical freelance-symptoms and create a structured and socially healthy existence as freelancer;  hop The HUB, or any other shared workspace.

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