Too lazy to work?

Today the Uganda Youth Forum announced a new high in youth unemployment; 83% of the young in Uganda are jobless.  Sadly, this is the highest unemployment rate in the world after Niger. Add to this the estimate that 75% of sub-Saharan Africa will be under 18 years in 2015, and the picture becomes even more grim.

Not very promising; the job opportunity board at the Makarere University. June '11:Marlies Pilon

How are we going to solve this urgent and growing problem? The commissioner in the youth and children department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Mr. Kyateka Mondo, in an interview with the Daily Monitor said; “Our youth ignore jobs or are too lazy to work”. To deal with a major demographic and financial issue PLUS  future timebomb in such a non-constructive way clearly shows government’s unwillingness to really deal with the problems Uganda is facing.

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  1. What is your opinion on this? Do YOU think the youth is too ignorant or lazy to work? Don’t they realise they need to work on their future? Did you manage to speak to some of this youth?

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