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On, I am blogging about my life here in Uganda. I worked for them as news editor back in Amsterdam and still like to contribute. My blog was first called ‘Matoke met Mayo’, which roughly translates as ‘Matoke with Mayonaise’ (matoke is the Ugandan staplefood, the Dutch are in love with mayonaise).

Although I liked the name, I eventually thouhgt it is not that catchy, and besides, I don’t really like matoke (except when I am visiting social gatherings in Uganda, where people love to see the muzungu eat that stuff!)

So I re-named my blog ‘The African way’. I feel like writing more about what is considered African and what not, identity, aid, development, and other controversial and contested  issues. Am I living life ‘the African way’? And what would that entail? Questions I hope to find out in the time to come.

In the meantime, you can check out my article about slum tourism, on the homepage of today! It is called ‘Slumtour or swimmingpool?’, aka ‘Dagje strand of sloppenwijk?’ Click on the image below to dive in

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  1. Zeer indrukwekkend! Alweer een beetje opgestoken. Ga je hier nog meer over schrijven? Ik ben erg verrast ten minste.

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