A powerful powercut

While  just trying to find some more information on AllAfrica.com about the abonimable powercuts that are currently destroying my life and work (this sounds drama-queenish but there is an element of truth in it – we haven’t had power for 22 hours in a row now), I found my article about the Goat Races in Kampala on the website of AllAfrica.com.

I read through their website almost daily so it was special to see my name standing there! AllAfrica is an online news aggregator that serves content from over 130 African news organizations. They ‘produce’ more then 1000 stories a day and have about 100 million monthly hits. It is a pleasant idea that so many people will read my article ‘Glitter and Goat’, and see my pictures.

Somehow, during this rainy, powerless day, I feel quite powerful 🙂

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4 reacties op A powerful powercut

  1. That is cool! Well not the powercuts but finding your article back..
    What do you do with the contents of the fridge in such situations? Just trying to imagine such a happening…I was without internet for 3,5 hours at work yesterday and I felt handicapped already!

    • marliespilon zegt:

      Hi DLCS, The fridge certainly is an issue! Im trying not to buy large quantities, although that goes against the african habit of always having enough food to provide.. milk etc here is pasteurized, which is not tasty, but helps in slowing down the rotting proces. we are now thinking about buying a small generator so we can have our own energy supply, and not having to be dependent on people who are suppose to be the providers. as for internet I always plug in my laptop when there is power, and bought an african-proof laptop that has a life span of about 12 hours. BTW when I was almost done with writing the above article my laptop run out of battery! As my whole neigbourhood was out of power, I had to go to another place on the bodaboda in the pooring rain. GRRR!

  2. 22 hours! That makes me feel like a whiner for not having power. For six months. 😉

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