A young boy in Somalia

All day long, we, the audience, are bombarded with visuals from the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. Journalists try to capture in images the devastating effects of the environmental and political shortages for the people having to live with them.

This picture was printed in the online edition of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, unfortunately with no information about the photographer / source / or place

Somehow, the image of this young Somali boy struck me more than the pictures of semi-naked, hungry ‘Africans’ whose ribs and bones are so pronounced because there simply is no flesh left. I don’t mean that in any denigrating way; but these pictures often don’t provide a proper context or show some form of agency on behalf of the camera’s subject.

This small boy is obviously confused, and lost. He is moving from one place to the other and is trapped in a world full of grown-ups, where he, at his young age, is now forced to be a part of. He seems to be alone. While everyone around him is moving, he is standing still, captured in time, indecisive of what to do next. I wonder, just like he probarly does, about his destination.

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  1. Esther zegt:

    This image is full of questions. And it makes you think about all those people who are, like you said, so very unlucky to live in that geographical location.

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