Back on track

It feels like ages since I wrote something on my site! The last 6 weeks were filled with visiting friends, parents, wild elephants, Zanzibar, waragi-tonic, traveling and enjoying the beauty of East-Africa. The vacation was nice, but my investigative and curious mind is up for the challenge of diving into work again.

So expect some updates soon, as I am in the process of making a 24-hour film portrait about Kampala for,  writing articles about Poetry in Session in Kampala and streetchildren in the capital, and more. Coming days I will check out the infamous Goat Races and research upcoming exciting projects!

So stay tuned for all that is to come 🙂

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2 reacties op Back on track

  1. It IS ages since you wrote on your site! Missed reading you & looking forward to reading your articles. A good break gets you inspired and gives you fresh energy to be creative and write so I hope you enjoyed yourself. Mayb besides the written articles we can expect a summary-in-pictures of your vacation too?

    • marliespilon zegt:

      Haha, thanks for the tip! This blog is about my professional work and not about the things I do during vacation. But having said that, perhaps I can dig up some artistic pics and post them 🙂 Consider it done in the near future!

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