Update Walk to Work campaign

Police patrouilling the streets of Kampala

Walk to Work
The Walk to Work campaign is gaining momentum. In the protests, oppostionleaders encourage ordinary Ugandans to walk to work to show their discontent with the rising prices for food and fuel. The campaign resonates with deep feelings of discontent at the individual level; empty stomachs and wallets.

Oppositionleader Kissa Besigye was arrested on Monday for the third time in 14 days for (trying) to walk to work, the Daily Monitor writes. The online version of the critical paper gives fresh live-updates as the events filled with rubber bullets and teargas unroll throughout the country.

On Saturday, President Museveni finally gave a press-statement about the uprisings. He said he had no influence on commodity prices but blamed drought and foreign factors. Check out the coverage of the Independent.

A Red Cross volunteer rescues an infant from teargas. CC PHILIPPA CROOME

“Shooting a journalist by mistake is not a crime,”
a policeman said according to a reporter of the Daily Monitor who was detained by police together with several other journalists. Oppostionleaders in Uganda use Twitter too; Norbert Mao wrote “We need EVIDENCE! Please send video/photos of army and military abuse to “info@norbertmao.org”. #walk2work #Ugandawalks #Uganda

Also on Twitter Andrew Mwenda, Uganda’s most influential critic, wondering why Besigye was arrested again. “How a government can be so stupid to make him a martyr is strange’. Meanwhile in Kenya, the government is responding by the high fuel prizes by cutting taxes on fuel, according to the Daily Monitor.

In short, the pressure is rising. Tomorrow promises to be a day of heavy unrests and demonstrations again.. Stay tuned!

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