Illegal to Walk to Work?

Uganda is becoming a police state. Yesterday saw the most poignant case so far. The opposition launched a ‘walk to work’ campaign, encouraging Ugandans to walk to work to show their displeasure with the high costs for fuel and food. As the oppositionleaders attempted to walk to work, they were brutally arrested by the police squad, who accidently also managed to teargas school going children. Today in Bwaise, a suburb in Kampala, there is heavy fighting going on. People have put burning barricades in the streets and the police is using teargas and water cannons.

Clearly in Uganda, justice is replaced by violence. Read my post about the demo and the heavy deployment of police force in the country. (picture: Oppositionleader Kissa Besigye was intercepted by police forces while he walked to work and arrested CC The Daily Monitor).

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